SAF‘s Spirit...Our Hopes and Dreams

smile for children,  smile for farmers, smile for you…with us.

Children‘s smiles are what motivate us Their carefree smiles bring us joy

What can we do for children who are studying so hard?

We want to see sunny smiles on their faces, even if their circumstances are difficult.

What can we do for them now...

For the smiles and the futures of these irreplaceable children?

We invite new members from corporate bodies and private individuals who agree with our goals.Myanmar has changed direction and is now moving toward democratization ...
That country, called the last frontier in Asia, is now changing significantly.

The lights and shadows of a developing country are crossing over Myanmar, as well: There is news that an ATM has been installed in a temple! On the other hand,
a garment factory in Yangon had ten power failures in one day.
After visiting this country several times, we were particularly impressed by
the beautiful shining eyes of the children there, even though, of course,
we understand the eyes of children all around the world also shine.

We wondered what could we do, what should we do, for the future of these children?
After considering these questions, we decided to begin with
support for the farmers in Myanmar.
Though history books do not really discuss this, Japan and Myanmar had had a
bond and been linked together, in the past.
Let us forge ahead together, for the tomorrows of Myanmar
and for the future of these children.

※We are planning to provide agricultural equipment, and build kindergartens and medical clinics there.

Visualizing a positive future of these  children, we would like to continue to support them as much as we can, working to create brighter world. Take the first step with us for the smiling faces of these children. From all the SAFA

▲ President Shimanuki(SAFA) & farm child in Myanmar


Shall we march forward together, wearing this badge?

※Those who become supporters of SAFA will receive a copy of the organization’s original budget.