Emblem of SAFA
About the Emblem of SAFA

We designed the symbol of the SAFA Association on the basis of the image of the saul tree.
It expresses our wish that the flowers of the saul tree will be spread without end by all of the members
through their hand in hand cooperation.



Neighbors...Communicating with the people next door and all our other neighbors is a necessary part of a positive life. Through this communication, trust grows and hearts strive for cooperation.
East or West, everywhere in the world, this is a basic truth.
Countries are also neighbors ... We believe that our associations with our next-door and neighboring countries is also important.
We have established a general incorporated foundation that we have named the South Asia Friendship Association. Our goal is to realize our hopes for peace in the world by providing support to Asian countries from hearts uncomplicated by the concept of borders.

We believe that if the people living in each of these countries is feeling safe and at peace, their various citizens can come together freely, get along with each other, teach others things they do not yet know, help those who suffer, and learn together. Through this mutual improvement of cultures, lives, and economies, all of Asia will become satisfied and prosperous.

In order to realize this idea, we have made many visits to South Asian countries, especially Myanmar (formerly Burma), which is called the frontier of South Asia. Then, having deepened our relationship with people there, we established this foundation, with the goal of offering support to this country as it follows its path of existence.

We started our activities in Myanmar (formerly Burma) ,,,,We pursue our goals by asking, “What can we do to bring smiles to the faces of children in Asian countries -- including Myanmar?” In truth, we would like to see all the children in the world smiling.

We will strive with all our ability to promote and develop friendship and exchanges with Asia countries. We will bring to this endeavor Japanese experience and knowledge in various fields, including agriculture, forestry, fishing, industry, and mining. We will also participate in cultural, educational, and medical exchanges.
In recent years, the South Asian economy has grown significantly. The area is believed to be in the process of becoming a major world center
We will help South Asian countries along by enhancing exchanges with them, and improving the future of the children there.


Hideki Shimanuki

Representative Director

Yoshiyuki Isaka