It is said that there were more than 50 % world properties in Asia in 18 centuries. It is also said that western counties dominated the world in 20 centuries. Japan stand face to face with western counties as outstanding country now. Japan competes with them by using Japanese diligences, rich knowledges, skills, wisdoms and efforts to make new things of Japanese, and so on. And in 21 centuries, many countries in Asia have been growing by economic growth nevertheless great depression hit to the world. But poor countries are still remaining because of many factors. Developed countries, developing countries and poor countries are mixed in Asia now. The role of Japan to fulfill is important in this situation. Asia is one. Japan is part of Asia. We stand up to take action to make rich and happy countries with local people in Asia by using Japanese culture, education and skills of medical treatment. We are going to help economic development by communication with local government.

The foundation’s charities

SAFA conducts the following charitable activities.

Donating vaccines for malaria, etc.
Donating stationery items.
Donating kindergartens and schools
Donating mobile clinics
Donating agricultural machinery and tools.
Supporting farming.
Supporting nutrition education, training exchanges, and holding events.
Supporting education, providing training exchanges, holding events.
Supporting students for study abroad.
Providing other humanitarian aid.

We a planning to hold periodic exhibitions of pictures drawn to express children‘s dreams: "Smiles for Children".

Hold friendship meetings and exchange seminars

Chairman |Hideki Shimanuki
Representative Director|Yoshiyuki Isaka

Our goal is ‘smiles for children’, and we hold lectures, forums, and seminars with such themes as ‘The current situation in South Asia and the children there now,’ ‘Forum for children,’ and ‘Friendship and exchange seminar.‘ These are designed to bring the current situation in South Asia to people’s attention, and to promote further international exchanges.
We are planning to hold various lectures and seminars under a number of conditions.
(We will accept requests to hold lectures and conduct related activities at your site.Please feel free to contact us.)

About International Medical Support and
Registered Guarantors of Visa for Medical Stay

International Medical Supporter
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Sumarry of Activities

Project for international cooperation with South Asia (peace, ducation, culture, art, medical treatment, agriculture, industry, economy, science, technology)
Project for matching of companies and individuals between Japan and South Asia
Project about planning, practicing and mediation of various exhibitions
Project about planning, practicing and mediation of various exchange meetings
Project for offering information in South Asia
Project about planning, practicing and mediation of various lectures
Project about planning, practicing and mediation of various training courses
Project for supporting despatchment and acceptance of various observers' groups as local visit
Project for international medical supporters
Educational campaign for the above‐mentioned
Project for Publishment related to the above-mentioned
Project for opening and managing websites
The project related to the above-mentioned

Information About SAFA

Established Date 2014/4/24 April 24th, 2014
Contact TEL: +81 (0)72 223 3300 / FAX : +81(0)72 223 2230
Adress of Head office 1-1-8, Shorinjichonishi, Sakai-ku,Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0960, Japan
・Tokyo Brunch・office Rikoutosho Building 3F, 27-2, Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0082, Japan
・Myanmar Brunch・office Maha Bandoola Street, Pabedan Township, yangon, MYANMAR
・USA Brunch・office 19760 Spring Ridge Dr.,West Linn, Oregon 97068, USA
・Indonesia Brunch・office br.dauhwaru desa.sawe kbp.jembrana Bali.,Indonesia

Board of Directors

  • Chairman
  • Hideki Shimanuki
  • Representative Director
  • Yoshiyuki Isaka
  • director
  • Kiyoshi Kawashita
  • director
  • Chiiko Komaki
  • director
  • Hiromi Totani
  • director
  • Koujin Ikezawa
  • director
  • Kiyoshi Suzuki
  • manager
  • Eiji Wakisaka
  • SAFA’s leader
  • Kumiyo Kitae
  • SAFA’s leader
  • Setsuko Konishi

Tissue composition

Tissue composition

Access Map

Head office(Osaka)

:1-1-8, Shorinji-cho-nishi, Sakai-ku,
Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0960

Tokyo Brunch・office

:Rikoutosho Building 3F, 27-2, Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0082, Japan

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